Submission Guidelines

Submit your previously unpublished poems, reviews, interviews, essays, short stories by e-mailing them as Word documents to sunyungshin(at) with “This Spectral Evidence submission” in the subject line. Feel free to include a “cover letter” that includes a brief bio in your e-mail.

I recommend sending up to four poems or one essay, review, interview, or short story. Please read the most recent published work to get a sense of what we want to include.

We plan to feature one contributor per month.

Please note:

  • This Spectral Evidence acquires first serial rights. All rights revert to you upon publication.


We are looking for visionary work! What is visionary? Merriam Webster has a list of definitions and synonyms (and rhyming words!) that open up a realm of possibilities*…

M-W’s definition of VISIONARY

a : of the nature of a vision : illusory
b : incapable of being realized or achieved : utopian <a visionary scheme>
c : existing only in imagination : unreal
a : able or likely to see visions
b : disposed to reverie or imagining : dreamy
: of, relating to, or characterized by visions or the power of vision
: having or marked by foresight and imagination <a visionary leader> <a visionary invention>

First Known Use of VISIONARY

Synonyms: idealist, quixotic, quixotical, romantic, starry, starry-eyed, utopian, idealistic

Antonyms: clear-eyed, clear-sighted

See Synonym Discussion at imaginary

Other Occult Terms: augury, censor, invocation, lucidity, metempsychosis, mojo, numinous, preternatural, weird, wraith

Rhymes with VISIONARY: actuary, adversary, airy-fairy, ancillary, antiquary, apiary, arbitrary, aviary, axillary, bacillary, beriberi, bestiary, biliary…


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